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I  am a passionate artist excited about the future of makeup and its role  in the world of special FX. I savor the creative spectrum afforded to  artists in the FX realm and I thrive on the opportunity to delve into  new worlds and ideas brought to life by the genius of an artist and  their palette. I revel in the joy of bringing to life the creations of  other artists and helping fulfill their dreams.



I am a graduate of the Blush School of Makeup in  San Francisco where I studied all aspects of makeup but Special FX was  my instant passion. Since my graduation I have worked to increase my  knowledge, experience and exposure in that area. I have a deeper  appreciation for the all styles of makeup after Blush, however, now that  I have Special FX in my life there is no going back.

Professional Experience


Since graduation I have worked at Kryolan professional makeup as an artist as well as assisting Vanguard FX studio with on projects such as the Dragon Emrpress.   Additionally I'm continuing to pursue my passion by working and  assisting on film productions and festivals that you can find listed in  my filmography below.

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